Audio Course “By Word of Mouth” – “מפה לאוזן”


  • 15 on-line Hebrew lessons.
  • Level: low-intermediate – intermediate.
  • Active vocabulary for each lesson.
  • MP3 and PDF versions of all the lessons on-line or for download.
  • Listen to the whole lesson or each part separately.
  • Learn Hebrew any time, anywhere: use computer, smartphone, tablet, MP3-player…

Welcome to the program “By Word of Mouth” – new Audio Course for those who want to be fluent in Hebrew.

If you already have some basic knowledge of the language (low intermediate level) and would like to enrich and perfect your language comprehension and speaking skills, this course is for you!

We teach REAL language; the language that is used by educated people in Israel in their everyday communications in various life situations.

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